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Video: 5-foot-4 flyweight vs 6-foot-6 heavyweight, who wins?

It was David vs Goliath in Spain.

David vs Goliath, as a small flyweight fought a massive heavyweight under MMA rules in Spain.

We’ve seen quite a number of freakshow fights and open weight matches throughout MMA history, and that tradition continued in Barcelona, Spain.

Friday night, in a promotion aptly called “Dogfight Wild Tournament,” the Spanish MMA promotion put on a David vs Goliath bout. It was a 5-foot-4 flyweight in Raymison “Formiga” Bruno taking on a much bigger 6-foot-6 heavyweight Roger “Goliat” Dalet.

Formiga has a 12-4 record, while Dalet is a basketball player that doesn’t have any pro bouts, at least on his online record.

Could that significant skill advantage overcome an insane amount of size and strength?

It was a hilarious visual seeing two men with such a big size difference, but on this occasion, skill beat size. Formiga closed the distance, took him down, and dominated on the mat against a strong, but clueless opponent on the ground.

Watch video of the fight below, courtesy of the inimitable Caposa:

Although it won’t be on their official records as it was an exhibition match, Formiga won the match by armbar at 3:16 mark of the very first round.

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