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MMA Resources

A list of the various, Bloody Elbow original, MMA Resources as compiled by the BE staff.

List of current UFC fighters

Here it is, the complete, constantly updated list of UFC fighters including all the latest cuts and signings, injuries and fight announcements. Each division has it's own separate page if you prefer a less bandwidth and scroll heavy experience, or you can check out the whole thing as one long list if you scroll down to the bottom of the stream. Make sure to check out each page anyway, though, for a complete history of each division's championship belts.

WMMA Statistics

Bloody Elbow's own Eriksson Lau has compiled a new resource for WMMA stat tracking. It's a growing project that looks to provide key fight stats for WMMA fans. Check it out to see who has the most knockdowns, highest submission ratio, most decision wins, and all the other basics.

The comprehensive list of minor MMA champions

Another in my long running table projects. The comprehensive list of minor MMA champions is the go to resource for every notable belt-holder in the world of MMA. Despite what Zuffa may want you to think, not everything of value in MMA carries the UFC brand. For those other, smaller titles, this is the resource. It's also worth a look to see who the future stars of the sport may be, as the Zuffa has a long history of picking up top talent from certain feeder organizations.

Upcoming UFC and MMA schedule

This quick and easy resource put together by Brent Brookhouse highlights the full event schedule for the next upcoming UFC, Bellator, or other major MMA card. It's a great quick stop when you have to remember who's got a fight coming up as well as when and where the next card is taking place.

MMA Rankings

The home for all of the various MMA rankings that make their way to Bloody Elbow. Including our own, brand new, Bellator Rankings, and Women's MMA Rankings, as well as Richard Wade's SBNation Consensus Rankings, and Tim Burke's updates on the official UFC Rankings.

Bloody Elbow Scouting Reports

Once a year Bloody Elbow explores the untamed wilds of the MMA world in search of the best unknown talent. See the breakdowns of today's stars before they were stars and the prospects yet unheralded. The Bloody Elbow Scouting Reports are the world's greatest guide to the future of MMA.

MMA Fighters Database

SBNation and MMA Fighting have put together a growing database of MMA fighters. It's a great way to find articles on your favorite fighters and get all sorts of information about their careers. It's a work in progress, at the moment, but improvements are coming.