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MMA Histories

Read all about MMA history as told by T.P. Grant, John Nash, and Kid Nate.

Kid Nate's MMA History Series

Back in the youth of Bloody Elbow, Kid Nate compiled this 20-ish part series on the modern origins of MMA. It will tell you all about Japan's traditions of catch wrestling, about the inner workings of the first UFC events, and the origins of the various MMA organizations that have populated Japan and Brazil. Worth a read for anyone who wants to know more about their favorite MMA orgs.

The Martial Chronicles

Written by John 'nottheface' Nash, the Martial Chronicles detail those moments in martial arts history that built the foundations of the sport we now call MMA. Learn about the sordid history of boxing, the origins of women's martial arts, and wrestling's complex past.

T.P. Grant's MMA Origins

Taking the broad view of MMA history T.P. Grant explores the sport's roots in both western and eastern martial arts, its development in several distinct forms across the globe, and the evolution of fighters and promotions as the sport grew to its modern form.

T.P. Grant's Gods of War

T.P. Grant delves into the world of martial artists to find it's greatest heroes, both sung and unsung in this series of articles. From Bruce Lee and Masahiko Kimura to Anderson Silva and Roger Gracie, learn all about the world's greatest fighters both past and present.

The Fight Nerd remembers MMA history

Matthew Kaplowitz, creator of, brings his incredibly well informed perspective to some of MMA's greatest moments. From the UFC debut's of famous fighters and some of the sport's biggest upsets, to the weird and untamed promotions and crossover events of its past. Check out his ongoing series of nerdy facts about famous times.

Zane Simon's MMA Redux Series

Ever wondered just who were the fighters of classic MMA? Zane Simon takes an event by event look at all the fighters that made up MMA's early history, from Royce Gracie and Minoki Ichihara, to Joe Charles and Ken Shamrock. It's a detailed glance at everyone who's ever stepped foot in the worlds biggest MMA promotions.