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Bloody Elbow Media

A quick list of all BE's ongoing media series.

MMA of the Day

The best, the worst, the weirdest of the world's MMA videos as compiled by Zombie Prophet and the Bloody Elbow staff. Enjoy everything that YouTube has to offer in our daily video series, all archived in one place. Watch every interview, every knockout, and every cartoon version of your favorite fighter all brought to you by Bloody Elbow.

The MMA Tete-A-Tete: Coarsening the Discourse

Kid Nate sits down with the brightest minds the MMA world has to offer to give you a new perspective on MMA. UFC events past and present are discussed, the business of MMA and MMA media is revealed, and a lot of fights are picked. There's no better way to spend an hour of your life, than with an episode of the MMA Tete-a-Tete.

Kid Nate's Bathrobe Review

Like Magic Kid Nate appears the morning after each major MMA event to give you his patented Bathrobe Review, in which each fight, and eventually the card as a whole is discussed and rated. Enjoy them all now in one place.

Knuckle Up

Eugene S. Robinson's own brand of webcast comes to Bloody Elbow from it's former home on Combat Music Radio. Enjoy the world of MMA through Eugene's often irreverent mind as he covers the sordid details of professional fighting and professional fighters.

Bloody Elbow Radio

Bad Boy Presents Bloody Elbow Radio, a weekly radio show hosted by Brian Hemminger and Matt Bishop. Hear interviews with your favorite fighters, reviews of all the biggest MMA events, and a lot more.

MMA Sentinel

Our own Steph Daniels has another home, at MMA Sentinel, where she hosts, produces, and manages her own weekly radio show. Formerly TapouT Radio and CageSide Live, it's the place to hear interviews with many of the biggest names in combat sports. It's also the source of many of the great quotes and interviews you find here at Bloody Elbow.

How's Taste My Tweet Tweet?

Don't have a Twitter, but still feel the need to know what's on the minds of MMA's biggest stars? Check out HTMTT, Anton Tabuena's weekly roundup of the best tweets from MMA's biggest names. Find out what Ronda Rousey said about that thing that just happened, or what Tim Kennedy thinks about politics, or just stop by to watch Chael Sonnen count us down to his next big fight.

MMA on Instagram

Are you a social media Luddite, constantly behind the curve of an ever evolving world of information... about cats and food and clothing, and the addicting minutia of the lives of others. Well, Bloody Elbow's Katie Winter has you covered with her MMA on Instagram series. A once a week look at all the best vines, selfies, cat pics (et al) posted by your favorite MMA stars. So, check it out.