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Bloody Elbow Grappling

The source for all your BJJ, Wrestling, and other clinch-based martial arts techniques.

T.P. Grant's Guide to Grappling for MMA Fans

Our own T.P. Grant gives you the "dummies'" rundown of grappling in MMA. It's an overview of all the major martial arts that make up the nebulous world of being on the mat. Learn about Sambo, Jiu Jitsu, Catch Wrestling, and much much more. A great introduction to the complex arts of MMA for new and old fans alike.

Bloody Elbow Advanced Class

So, you've read the Guide to Grappling, and now you're ready for the advanced class. Well, you'd better be, because it's a shark tank of submission knowledge with in-depth breakdowns of Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Catch Wrestling, Sambo, and other grappling techniques. It's the best place to satisfy your grappling nerd needs, so check it out.

Bloody Elbow Grappling Hub

Do you love Bloody Elbow, but are only "Meh," when it comes to MMA, then go hang out at the BE Grappling Hub. It's the same layout and the same format as Bloody Elbow, but it's all about grappling content, grappling articles, grappling videos, and grappling techniques. It's the ever growing home for Bloody Elbow's more mat focused writing.